Grande Tanks

Grande Tankware – large tanks for high volumes of fuel usage

Designed to meet all Australian safety standards, FES Grande tanks are easily installed and simply drop shipped into place. With a double-walled steel construction, they are completely self-bunded, with no need for traditional concrete bunded walls or containment areas.

Standard piping applications within the bunded area

Once on site, they are ready to connect to mains power, fill and go. Securely bolted doors open on to a fully self-contained bunded area for safe, measured fuel dispensing and filling. These durable tanks are ideal for all types of fuel, including petroleum and diesel.

Within the bunded area is a standard supply line or suction line which for connecting to a variety of dispensing applications. The fill line, also in the bunded area, comes with an isolation valve and and an 80mm camlock filling.

Overfill protection mechanisms

To guard against overfilling, FES Grande Tanks have numerous safety mechanisms. The fill line is connected to a mechanical overfill protection float valve and there is also an audible safe fill alarm.

Sloping edges for higher capacity and water run-off

When we designed our tanks, we used our years of experience in the industry to include many unique benefits that improve the ease of use, safety, convenience and life of the tanks. Container-style corner casings and industry-standard sizings mean the tanks are easy to transport. Sloping edges makes rainwater run off the sides instead of pooling on top and the design also allows 10% more safe fuel capacity than other similar tanks.

Bare tank or complete fuel management system

FES Grande Tanks are available as a bare tank or fully fitted with complete fuel dispensing applications and fuel management systems. Three sizes are available – 12,500 litres, 30,000 litres and 69,000 litres.

Tanks can be supplied in a variety of colours and personalised with your own corporate identity. There are many different options for dispensing equipment and fuel management systems and we are happy to advise on the best combination for your needs.

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