Aviation Fuel Tanks

When it comes to aviation fuel storage tanks you can’t take any chances. Contamination could prove fatal, so it’s vital to store aviation fuel only in specialist tanks. That’s why we manufacture ours with uncompromising attention to quality and meticulous attention to detail.   Naturally, they meet – or exceed – all current Australian safety regulations. FES aviation tanks also come with several unique features that make them easier to use, easier to maintain and last longer.

Aviation fuel tanks to meet your specific need

Every organisation has its own fuel requirements. Getting the right tank in the right size with the right combination of dispensing systems is a complex business, but we have the expertise to guide you through all the options. What’s more, we make each tank specifically to your requirements. Whether you’re a farm in the middle of nowhere, or a busy airstrip at a mining plant, you can be absolutely sure the tank and fuel management systems will be perfectly suited to your needs.

Aviation tanks ranging from 12,000l to 110,000l

Self bunded, our double wall contained tanks can be placed on almost any site – there is no longer a need to build underground storage with all the decontamination issues that involves. What’s more, our tanks are coated to twice the thickness of many others, for a much longer life.

Avoiding the risk of aviation fuel contamination.

The number one priority for storing aviation fuel is to avoid contamination. By law any part of the tank that could come into contact with the fuel must be stainless steel so that there is no danger of rust. Our tanks have a 100% stainless steel inner tank and all fittings are also made of stainless steel. This not only meets all safety requirements and is very long lasting, but also gives you complete peace of mind.

Baffle-free means hassle-free

FES aviation tanks are made without an interior baffle. That means there is no danger of equipment getting caught in the baffle. When that happens, the only solution is to drain the tank and send in a worker to detangle everything. Without a baffle, you avoid the risks of this kind of accident and all costs and downtime that comes with it.

In our view, a baffle is not only unnecessary it’s also dangerous. There’s only one reason to install a baffle and that’s to help keep the fuel stable when moving the tank. However, moving a filled tank is an extremely dangerous practice. What’s more, it will probably be made illegal in the next few years – and rightly so, as accident in transit goes from being a minor incident to a major catastrophe when fuel spills are involved. If you need to move your aviation tank on a regular basis, we’ll work out the best type of tank for your needs, so that it’s easy to plan in emptying the tank.

Stringent manufacturing

FES tanks are all made to the highest standards of quality in a spotlessly clean, purpose-built manufacturing facility. We are in constant contact with the management team and regularly visit the plant to ensure that our stringent specifications are being upheld. Each tank is inspected at least X times during the course of being made, and is rigorously inspected again both before it leaves the factory and when it arrives at the destination. Nothing is left to chance and we have a total commitment to quality.

Free aviation tank consultancy

Our team has years of experience of both distributing fuel and manufacturing fuel equipment. We always take the time to fully understand your business needs . Get in touch now for free information, prices and advice with no obligation. Just send an email to info@festanksafrica.com or fill out our contact form.


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